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Chords douchebag usually learn and stick to with the guitar, for the purpose of sounding cool at parties. You can easily spot a douchebag using douchebag chords at any event, since he's a poorly educated wannabe musician, hardly scoring with any of the poor-looking half-baked floozies, while the cool full-on stoned attendants are properly getting infuriated by the amount of G, C, A, E and D chords (with no variations) played randomly while accompanying cheesy, ill-written lyrics.
Stephen : Hey man, take a look at the freakin' prick in the bedroom.
Brian : Oh man, you talkin' about the guy with the dirty goatee and the cheap guitar ? I thought I could hear douchebag chords being played !
Stephen : You damn right, and look at the crowd around the bed, what a bunch of losers.
Brian : Hey man you got that weed ? Gotta numb my brain from this excruciating sonic bullshit.
Stephen : Sit right back in that couch mister, you gonna be taken care of. Just fire up the volcano, everything's gonna be alright.
Brian : You rock, I love you.
Stephen : I love you too, bromosexual.
by Klisstoriss February 17, 2012
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