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Some as whole you moved in with or let him/her move in with you. S/He also eats all your fucking food and drinks everything before you even think about getting a drink. S/He also doesn't buy any of food/drinks him/her ate or drank. Also s/He has a male cat that isn't spayed so he pisses everywhere so he blanes your potty trained dog and they don't clean it so your stuck cleaning his cats shit. S/He also may not do dishes, vacuum, or let the trash pile up till it's a mini trash skyscraper. They also make you over pay and when you say something about any of the above problems they say " Well I don't have the money" Even though he works too.
"JP ate all my delicious bacon and left all the dishes to clean. Also his punk ass cat pissed on the couch again. He's such a douche-bag room mate."
by Ragerilla July 28, 2013
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