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a person who is far more douchebaggedy than your everday douche bag. That word is insufficient, which warrants the use of douche cannon, when this person is off the charts in douchebaggedness scale, and you would readily render them infertile using acid on their genitalia. Douche cannon originates from the early name calling methods used during the Revolutionary war era. British soldiers commonly degraded their fellow army members, when they were incompetent with a cannon or other gunpowder apparati, They were aptly named "douche cannons" and usually were subject to sodomy from their horse. In conclusion, this is the strongest level of douchebaggery, use it wisely for its conotations are far more powerfull than calling someone a fag, or retard, or shitbrick.
Speaker A- Dude my mom's a complete douche cannon

Speaker B- WTF i can't believe you just called your mom a douche cannon, thats serious shit

Speaker A- Yea.
by kermitbangme69 February 19, 2007
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Referring to one who is a huge douche bag. That said person shoots their mouth off while simultaneously maintaining douche bag status.
That girl in your finance class who answers the professor's rhetorical questions outloud is the epitome of a douche cannon.
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1. major douche bag. 2. the act of cumming in a girl like a cannon the leaving it in until you piss like a douche.
this douche cannon is so drunk he cant even walk straight.
by scm15 July 17, 2010
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1-A person who has ascertained a position of such high douchebaggery that he takes douchbaginess to a new level to totally blow you away with the inability to respond or act for some time.
"After reaming me for several hours on monday about my TPS reports and making me work late every day of the week, my Douche Cannon of a boss made me work on saturday as well!
I think I'll just not come to work anymore."
by Caseofthemondays December 21, 2010
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A person whose douchiness is extremely loud and obnoxious. Often goes off without warning, comes out of nowhere and takes people by surprise.
Steve was screaming at the waiter because the green beans on his plate were touching his potatoes. Steve is a douchecannon.
by PlatypusKCP May 30, 2013
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