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Noun: The popped collar on polo shirts. Traits attributed to collar poppers are arrogance and some times delusions of grandeur.

Those flying the douche bag flag are often called assholes or womanizers, and most have trouble running game. Douche bag flaggers wearing pink are flying the flag extra high.
Girl 1: This party's pretty gross. Who's that hottie over there?

Girl 2: Who?

Girl 1: The guy with the faux hawk, aviators, and popped collar?

Girl 2: I can't tell which dude out of the frat pack you're talking about, but they're all douche bag flaggin'. I mean, if you want to get drunk and sleep with an asshole, be my guest, but you'll wake up full of herps and regret.
by McSantos May 18, 2009
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The tattoo-printed and often rhinestone-bedazzled clothes that douchebags wear. Most often it is t-shirts but it can be almost anything. These clothes make weeding through the douchebags in public much less challenging. Thankfully, douchebag has already been well-defined on urban dictionary :)
Ed Hardy is soooo played out but I kinda like it because it's a great douchebag-flag.
by GcupBitch May 08, 2011
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