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1. An act of uncontrolled rage. Usually when pestered or annoyed endlessly by someone. Fairly equivilent to can of whoop ass
2. An average or tall person with extreme upper body strength.
3. One person possessing the unreal strength of two midgets.
4. An insult toward someone who has a huge head and tiny body, but can be used on anyone for any reason. They usually work in burger joints.
5. To duck as low as a midget's kneecaps and run from danger.
1. If you don't piss off, I'm gonna go doublemidget on your ass.
2. And thats when I saw the doublemidget lift the tow truck off of her child, with one arm.
3. I bet that doublemidget could take the Hulk down.
4. I said FISH sandwich, not chicken! Fucking doublemidgets can't get shit straight.
5. Bullets were flying, so I doublemidge'd it out the back door.
by doublemidgetseeker July 13, 2004
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