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It sounds explicit. Featured in Samsung's series, "Ingenius", making fun of Apple.
"Like, a double dongle..."
by 2hands10fingers September 16, 2018
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A dongle is a layman term for adapter or some people may call it converter. A dongle is a small piece of hardware that change from a type of connector to another type of connector or provide additional functionalities. A dongle comes with a male connector (to be plugged into your computer) and with or without a female connector that convert a type of connector to another type of connector. For example:
With female connector: Lightning port to 3.5mm port adapter, USB Type C port to 3.5mm port adapter.
Without female connector: USB Wi-Fi adapter, USB 4G modem adapter.

The male connector has the pins part sticking out while the female connector has a receptacle hole.

When people talk about double dongle means the dongle has two female connectors (two holes), one for headphone and one for charging. There are four configurations as below:
1. Two Lightning ports.
2. One Lightning port + one 3.5mm headphone jack.
3. Two USB Type C ports.
4. One USB Type C port + 3.5mm headphone jack.

So you're wondering why the guy in Samsung Ingenius advertisement saying "that's sounds explicit"? Because he's implying that a double dongle which has two female connectors (pussy and anus) takes two male connectors (two dicks) together at the same time.
Jessica: Uhh why are you using a dongle on your new Galaxy Note 10?
Ben: I'm using a dongle because I'd like to use the headphone and charge my smartphone at the same time. Samsung fucking removed the headphone jack from Galaxy Note 10. They poked fun at Apple but end up removed the headphone jack as well. Samsung is a fucking idiot right?
Jess: Yeah Samsung is a fucking idiot. So it sounds like a double dongle?
Ben: Yeah double dongle, you're right.
Jess: That's sound explicit!
Ben: By the way do you wanna try double dongle too? *wink*
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by Note10 August 11, 2019
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a computer configuration whereon two dongles are required to simultaneously sniff and spoof trafic on a communications bus such as that of zigbee wireless
Paul Asadorian had to use a doubledongle to sucessfully fuzz on Larry Pesce's zigbee interface
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