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a mythical creature of mexican canadian decent known for its abnormally sized foot and distinct ballchinian resemblence, however unseen to the naked eye due to a patch of fur directly over the tail bone is the legendary feature from witch it draws its name, her second butthole is discretely placed right atop the seperation of the gluteus maximus muscular insertion (aka, buttcrack) and most notably she is known for her distinct symphonic gastric releases, as harmonic and enchanting as it is deadly, to this day there is only one known to be in captivity and has been given the human friendly name of jessica white to as not detour the curious from her splendor and overall gentle nature, in all dos buttholios is a creature to be respected, repopulated and maybe one day accepted into our comunity to live as one with a more intellegent and sophisticated mammal like us humans
did you hear that? sounds like two winds colliding, it's beautifull... wait! thats not the song of the forest, it's dos buttholios!!
by stuju666 January 26, 2011
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