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An assenine week invented for facebook-lovers, made for no other reason than to make your friends believe you've EVER been told you look like an attractive celebrity, no matter how unattractive or repugnant one might be, when your profile picture pops up on their "live feed". Wanna be cool? Don't follow the trends and stay as far away from this vomit as possible.
Example 1:

Man 1: Dude, your new profile pic's pretty hot. Doesn't look like you though.
Man 2: Thanks. I'm celebrating doppelganger week and setting my prof pic as a celeb look alike. Once, on a train, someone told me that I reminded them of Brad Pitt in the manner I itched my nose. From then on, I've seen the resemblence as uncanny.

Example 2:
Girl: So, you look pretty hot in your prof pic.

Pedophile: Thank you. I'm celebrating Doppleganger Week.

Girl: I don't know what that means, but you're sure a cutie.
Pedophile: Haha, don't worry about it.
by EmGladz February 01, 2010
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