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"night-walking double"

First it was Nicolas Cage, then John Travolta. Who will be next?

Spitting images of current day people who have been discovered in civil-war photographs. The theory is that the people in the photographs are actually the people who are living today, and they are actually vampires. it's as good a theory as any.

some people might posit that vampires can't be photographed, but it might be possible that these photos were their last as humans, having been turned shortly thereafter.

Coined by Deryn on October 1, 2011 in the comments on the post about John Travolta being a vampire from the Civil War on

The first instance of Nicolas Cage as a vampire. Photo on diabolus (aka jack_mord on eBay)'s etsy shop
Listed on Jul 12, 2011
you should take a look at this daguerreotype! it's totally a doppelgangernacht of Nic Cage!
by supercarrot October 07, 2011
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