The kind of manipulative or under-handed behavior you come to expect from someone who is dishonest, such as an actively using drug addict. Sometimes used to refer to the behavior of someone in recovery who hasn't given up his old ways.
"That was a dope-fiend move on your part to take that man's shoes then try to place the blame on that other guy."
by Barnesarama October 11, 2005
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an act or effort by a drug addict to trick or mislead another person to gain advantage.
Too many examples to list, but... 1."Give me the money and wait here and I'll go get change." (and the fiend never returns) -or- 2. A group of friends are out to eat and when it comes time to pay the bill, the fiend pulls a $100 bill from his wallet and says, "anyone have change?" (Of course no one does, and everyone has to pool money to pay for the fiends meal.)
by Martin W. January 26, 2005
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Doing someone dirty to your own advantage.
Man he sold me some schwag and said it was some good. What a dope fiend move.
by different user February 2, 2018
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