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A rude or inconsiderate person who stands directly in front of the door of a bus, subway or commuter train even though there might be plenty of room or even empty seats elsewhere in the vehicle.
I almost missed my stop because I had to get around two big door hogs on the A train.
by Renaldo Schwartz January 10, 2008
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Literally, what else can I say? If Rose hadn't been such a self-centered door hog, our magnificently magnificent Jack would've lived, and he and Rose would've lived a white and vilified happily ever after with five babies, uber staged holiday photos, a collection of Bob Marley CDs to put a cultural spin on themselves, pantries full of quinoa and flavored yogurt, over complicated Starbucks orders, and of course- sex every Saturday. They probably would've hired a ghostwriter to write a mediocre picture book about their story because it's worthy. Am I right? Rose, look at the opportunities you missed out on! because you're such a door whore.
by dysfunctional_ravenclaw June 08, 2017
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