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A 'Doolah' is a term used to describe a middle aged man (usually married) who takes a keen interest in the lives of younger women. They are complex characters and are not to be mistaken with the common male perv/sleaze off the street.
They are old by age
(often with balding heads, white hair or funny looking tashes), yet they all still retain an aura of youthfulness about them.
Their self confidence, charm and competence in what they do, makes them highly desirable to the younger woman. Although Doolahs are sociable types, and enjoy some good banter, they are also very detached and are very much a one man show.
Typical activities of a doolah are as follows:
-Syly looking at the young woman from the corner of their eyes.
-eavesdropping into their conversations
-flirting with their eyes
- On occassion, have been known to wink or pass a cheeky grin.
Such activities usually occur where the doolahs and the young woman are in close contact on a day to day basis, ie the workplace, place of study etc.
'He winked at me as I walked past him, what a doolah'!

'I was having lunch with Karen today and Doolah was blatantly listening into our conversation'

'I wish that doolah would stop messing me about and just do me'
by malchickstar April 04, 2010
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