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Were f*ckboys put dots and "fake zits" on there face with sharpies, with music and then have a good bass drop song and then reveal themselves , with hair groomed and shirtless
F*ckboy squad: Aye let's do the dontjudgechallenge and post it on instagram
People on instagram: Holy hell your hot, holy crap, please be mine <3
by qoodvibes June 05, 2016
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where semi good looking people put sharpie all over their face then remove it but putting their hand over the camera screen, then go back to looking semi good looking
"You see Emily's dont judge challenge video? She still ugly"
by KlaywithaC July 07, 2015
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A challenge where you show pictures of yourself as unattractive as possible , and then posting close ups of you making yourself as beautiful as possible with makeup.
Looks like she did the Don't Judge Challenge
by Origamishade July 10, 2015
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The stupidest fucking trend of all time. Created for the purpose of allowing pretty girls with no friends to whore themselves to get attention, but with an excuse, and to basically mock physically unattractive people.
girl with no friends on instagram: look at my video! dont judge me!
girl#2 on instagram: you're such a whore.
girl with no friends on instagram: no its okay its the don't judge challenge. I can whore myself however I want without it being considered "whoring", just because its the dont judge challenge! :D
girl#3: get some friends you attention whore.
by I_RAPE_PIZZAS April 09, 2016
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