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All or any of the unforeseen good things that happen when one does an act of kindness, altruism, volunteer.
FOR PEOPLE MY AGE: She reads to the pre-schoolers at the library every Tuesday. She loves it and has done it for years. She did it mainly for herself, her love of books and children, then she discovered the Domino Benefit to the small act of reading to children. One person came up to her and said that she read to them, he read to his son and his son reads to his daughter.
FOR YOUNGER FOLKS: Her mom made her mow the neighbors yard for sneaking out to a party. However, she had a massive Domino Benefit, when every boy on the block came out to help her, she felt like Tom Sawyer, except he was a she and she had no problem with the attention, torturing the boys, and she didn't have to do anything! When she told her BFF what had happened, BFF promptly went out to start the lawn mower, which shocked the hell out of her parents and she got 50.00 and keys to the car for the rest of the weekend!!!!
by Ella Phant December 03, 2014
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