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School full of snobby rich white kids with nothing better to do because they live in the most boring place on earth. They think they're so cool going to Trump and smoking weed. It's actually the holocaust here.
White kids: We go to Dominion High School
Everyone else: Eww, you're one of those stuck up snobby kids?
by ACoolFish October 17, 2013
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A school in Northern Virginia where the fake bitches roam. A school full of white people who support trump, or think that they're perfect. Where they also think they're all part of a gang, even though they would run and hide if you got in their faces. Also where everyone stereotypes others, and uses racial slurrs like they're eachothers names. A school full of hypocritical bitches who all think they're better than eachother. Also where the phrase, "all bark no bite", comes into play because everyone claims they can fight, but actually can't. Pretty much a shit school, yet somehow has high reviews, shocking...
Person 1: "What school do you go to?"
Person 2: "Dominion High School"
Person 1: "Oh so you must be one of those fake bitches"
by fed up w/ the school <3 September 14, 2017
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