adj. Used to describe an activity, thing, or event as especially boring or dull.
by Rhondesaur January 8, 2011
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a.k.a Intertropical Convergence Zone (ICZ)
Early sailors named this belt of calm the doldrums because of the low spirits they found themselves in after days of no wind. To find oneself becalmed in this region could mean death in the era when wind was the only motive force available, and it was certainly a depressing experience to be isolated, in the middle of the ocean, in a hot, muggy climate.
I am in the doldrums because I lost the race.
by Arjuna October 17, 2005
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a track from the album infinity on high by fall out boy. is 10000% about mikey way
"hey craig, did you know bang the doldrums by fall out boy was written about mikey way from my chemical romance?"
by wife took the kids July 5, 2015
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