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1. the alarm blares. you want just one more hour of sleep. you do one more.

2. you get out of class and have some homework to do before your next class, which is in 30 minutes. you do twenty-eight more.

3. you take a nap at 3pm for no reason. your friends want you to get up to grab some dinner at 6pm. you tell them you'll be right out. then you do 3 more.
"Yo Starr! Can you just do the Work Cited?"
"Sure! I'm just going to do one more, then go pumpkin picking, then do 5 more, then I'll start"

"Yo Doc! Time to get up!"
"Nooooo! Please! Just one more! PLEASE!"
"He's doing one more."
by Andrew SON! November 13, 2007
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