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After a long night of drinking and partying, you find you cant sleep past 7:00 and are really tired. You get out of bed to watch television, hoping it will tucker you out. Then you notice tht there is a girl rubbing her kankles on ur cumfy couch, and at first glance your like get off my couch! But then you realize shes naked, so you take her upstairs and have mediocre sex with her. But then you find out shes actually your neighbors dog, so u take a showwer take the dog for a walk and return it to its owner.
person 1. Brahmando, I got a doggyhairy sunrise this morning by the sexiest golden retriever ive ever seen.

person 2. O wow, I had a chubby bull dog, not tht nice to look at but what an animal in the sack
by chubbyboobies34 January 09, 2011
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