In the dogspotting society group on Facebook, when requesting photos or videos of the dogs of other users, you generally include a photo or video of a/your dog as a form of tax, a give and take of sorts.
Can I see your sleepy doggos? Photo of my pup Connor included for dog tax.
by Connor the puggle May 8, 2018
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When a person posts a photo of a dog in an online community such as Dogspotting Society in order to meet the requirements that a post must be about dogs and the common interpretation that posts must feature a photo of a dog. That is, the photo provides a tax (or more, a fee) to solicit the attention and responses of the community.

Often, the photo included is not related to the request or comment made in the post.

See also cat tax which may be posted in Catspotting Society although there are no such content rules in Catspotting Society because we really cannot be bothered, please scritch behind the left ear, thanks.
Example: "I'm thinking about getting an Ibizan Hound for my next dog. Please show me all your long bois and their many elbows and tell me about them! I'm including my Shar Pei Noodle for dog tax photo of Noodle attached.
by allthetoes April 19, 2018
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