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1. A symbol of hope, prosperity, and everything we know of western civilization today. It's a way of life

2. To be so beautiful as to make money simply by sleeping.

3. The ever present threat of communism

4. The strong side defense that Oklahoma used to shut down Texas Tech's five-wide spread offense.

5. The only hope that New Trier has of not being over run by evil Russian mobsters

6. Jewish by nature, black by interpertation.

7. Dislikes A Milli, and thus not a venereal disease.

8. To have many girls vying for your d simultaneously

9. Standing atop a large metaphorical or literal mountain

10. The act of courrupting young and innocent minds with ideas of djzucky like comments.

11. Anything you want

1. Many appreciate the election of Obama because they view him as a djzucky.

2. Dude, that MILF could be a djzucky.

3. “Man, are you disappointed that you live in a democracy now that you’ve been deported from Cuba?”
“Just a little bit, but I’m banking on the djzucky.”

4. Bob Stoops knew he would need to surprise Harrell and the Red Raiders, so he employed the djzucky which worked to perfection.

5. “Hey man, you hear that Boris Ikrinovitchkov and his gang took over Chicago? Do you think that they’ll come for New Trier?”
“Dude, no way, Boris knows we’ve got the djzucky”

6. “He goes to my synagogue and he can ball like none other, he’s definitely a djzucky.”

7. “Dude that MILF is a slut”
“Yeah man, but it’s ok, she’s djzucky”

8. “Dude, Jamie, Kristina, Emilay, Erin, Meghan, Mary, and Blake all want his D. He’s a huge djzucky.”

9. “When he finished his trek in the Himalayas, he was totally djzucky.”
Or “Dude he just scored a date with Black Ice, he’s definitely djzucky.”

10. “Man, that’s not cool. Why is he selling pick-up lines and guns to 6th graders?”
“I don’t know dude, he’s just djzucky.”

11. “Djzucky, djzucky djzucky djzucky djzucky 13 djzucky djzucky cool djzucky djzucky bro?”
“Haha, oh djzucky djzucky djzucky, yeah man, djzucky djzucky.”
by badass muthafucka djzucky November 24, 2008
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