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Pronounced "drolls" like as in the word "djinn".

Defined as DJ trolls. DJs on social media who lurk the intarwebs just waiting to pop up somewhere saying things like "Bieber sucks", "Paris, get a real job", and "Gaga's little monsters need to get a life".

They are also known (and lesser known) DJs who attack other DJs on Twitter, hoping to start some sort of virtual beef and thereby gain attention and instant free press. See: DJ Sneak and others like him. These djrolls usually attack highly recognizable other DJs and producers, taking cheap shots at very popular DJs like David Guetta and trying to piss off Steve Angello and deadmau5 to make them respond. They can be effective at rousing anger, and quite annoying. DO NOT FEED THEM. There are only a few widely acceptable responses to djrolls, such as - "u mad?" and "lel".
DJ Sneak - "Swedish House Mafia is teh suxxorz. I'm tired of every 'fake' DJ who isn't me because they can't play REAL house music." *whinemoanbitchlookatme*

Swedish House Mafia - "Who does this old douchebag think he is?"

SwedishHouseMafiaFan - "Don't feed the djrolls, guys! Ignore. He mad."
by gavriella January 04, 2014
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