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similar to dizzy bat, dizzy lax is an activity for the bros. during this activity, the butt end of a lax spoon is removed. (assuming the inside of the spoon is sanitary) the hollow spoon is filled with an alcoholic beverage of choice. the competitor then consumes the alcohol from the hollow of the lax stick. once all traces of alcohol are consumed, the bro proceeds to touch the spoon perpendicular to the ground and spin around it with their head on the butt end of the spoon, of course making sure that their lax pinny does not get tangled and their flow stays intact. After the spinnage is complete, a kind sir or madam will throw a lax bullet at the bro, who will then attempt to catch the ball in their fluffy lax net and proceed to execute a small sprint, possibly throwing mad stunts in (ex. roll dodge, etc). dizzy lax is held in the highest regard to all lax bros. dizzy bat is a thing of the past; it is an activity for wannabe bros who participate in acts of faggotry, such as the frowned-upon sport of "baseball." work hard. party hard.
"hey libby, care to lax?" - Alli
"nahh bro, let's dizzy lax." - Libby
"good idea, i'll get my spoon. you get the brews." - Alli
by broseidon, god of flow June 11, 2010
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