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In the modern era we have now come to understand voices, visions and other alternative realities, or 'psychosis', as commonly a response to trauma and adversity and not a biological disease. As this understanding has developed we now know that dissociation is an innate stress response, in the same vein as fight or flight - especially when a person is faced with threat of others.

What we have learned is that 'psychosis' is likely a dissociative reality and therefore Dissociachotic is the combining of dissociation and the 'psychosis' that recognises 'psychosis' as a legitimate and understandable response to trauma and adversity and not a chemical imbalance or biological disease state. This is exciting as it means people are surviving and overcoming trauma and can make sense of their realities as real and meaningful in recovery from distress.

Psychosis is a legitimate innate stress/ threat response to unsafety in relationship to another person who has or represents the threat of trauma and adversity)

Dissociachot - ic
Dissocia – at variance from companionship of (self – as a survivial stress response)

chot – from psykhosis "a giving of life; animation; principle of life
ic - having some characteristics of
especially in relationship to another person or people - the experience of animation of and giving life to being at variance of companionship to self in order to maintain for the survival of self in relationship to interpersonal threat of other
Franklin is experiencing response to the threats and adversity he has faced when he hears voices and sees visions in a dissociachotic state.
by Franklin D Birtle May 27, 2018
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