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1. One who believes in retaining their childrens' innocence for a lot longer than it was meant to be around for.

2. A parent who refuses to acknowledge that one day their kids will learn about sex and drugs, as well as learn a few new "bad" words (crap, god, damn, etc.). They often refuse to tell their kids that sex exists while completely forgetting how their kids were created in the first place. Or that drugs are still out there, while not realizing how somebody got the idea of creating the disney channel, which is often the only TV channel their kids are allowed to watch
1. Guy 1: Look at that mother over there breastfeeding her kid. He's got to be at least ten

Guy 2: That's pretty fucked up. The mother must be a disney parent

2. Kid: Mom, what's a blowjob?
Mom: HOW DARE YOU!!! NEVER, EVER use that word again!
Kid: Why not?
Mother: Because it's a bad word. Now go watch the Disney channel.
by the dirty liberal July 13, 2009
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