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n. (di-shez pahr-tee), plural: dishes parties (di-shez pahr-teez)
the event of washing a large amount of dishes, most often performed in households that have no dishwashing appliance. Number of human participants may vary between 1-3 on average. Contention exists around the qualification of a singular-person dishes party, with scholars saying that a single person cannot, in fact, be a whole party. The rebuttal to this argument is that the washer is, metaphorically, the “host” to the “party” and the dishes, themselves, make up the attendants. In either case, it is widely agreed that dishes parties, unlike other kinds of parties, are mostly unenjoyable.
Dishes Party Rocker Anthem (sung with a metal sensibility)
When the dishes in the sink are piling high
There’s a shout through the night, there’s a beckoning cry
And it’s calling us to the di-shes par-ty!
Someone’s at the sink ‘n’ someone else has a towel
Because there’s only one thing that we can do now,
We. Must. Have. A. Di-shes par-ty!
A dishes par-TAY!
It’s gon be CRAY!
If I sing about IT
It’s not such SHIT!
(Keep scrubbing)
What’d we even cook in THESE?!
(Here gimme a hand!)
With two it’s BETTER!
(Wash up that pan!)
That gunk is pretty stuck, you should probably add some hot, soapy water to make it WETTER.

With dishes in our kitchen towering above
It’s time to get in there, time to give them some love
We. Must. Have. A. Di-shes par-ty!
Though we seem to be facing an unbeatable foe,
If we persevere, we’ll get through this, I know
We’ll beat them with a di-shes par-ty!
The grime will fall to our di-shes par-ty!
No scum is match for a di-shes par-ty!
The. World. Is. Saved. By our DI-SHES PAR-TYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!
by Total Nerd January 29, 2014
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