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To remove the vowels from a piece of text as a form of censure. In order to render the piece more difficult to read. Generally done by the moderator of an online community.
The post was just a troll, so the mod disemvowelled it so people will just skip it.
by SLR January 29, 2005
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1. Sloppy spelling or lazy composition of words and phrases resulting in words comprised of mostly consonants; disemvoweling is often committed by people in a rush to change their Facebook status updates or in instant messaging. Sometimes vowels are replaced with symbols, or numbers.

2. Deliberate exclusion of vowels in a word with the intention of saving time in certain forms of shorthand or as in the case of semetic languages.
Camille: "HW R U BBY?"

Jeff: "Gr8, G2G... l8tr?"

Camille: "SH!T, kk."


Teacher 1: "I don't get kids these days, always on their electronic gadgets, sexting and *GR8-ing* on my nerves..."

Teacher 2:" They've completely disemvoweled the English language, it's atrocious..."
by Sunshyne Lollipops February 02, 2010
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The act of removing vowels from a word in text messages, Internet slang, and creation of custom licence plates to leave only consonants behind.
In order to get his nickname to fit on his license plate, he had to disemvowel it.
by ozzy42 May 21, 2008
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The process by which moderators of left-wing Internet blogs and message boards can censor the messages of those who disagree with their views without completely deleting them, thus allowing them to claim that they are NOT censoring messages.

Claims will be made that messages that are disemvoweled were troll-bait, but invariably the messages contain views contrary to those of the moderator.

This method of censorship was created and first used by Teresa Nielsen Hayden.
Cutting taxes would improve the economy and boost government revenue. It worked for JFK and it worked for Ronald Reagan.

Blog Moderator: "I don't agree with this and I HATE Ronald Reagan, so lets disemvowel this post.

Cttng txs wld mprv th cnm nd bst gvrnmnt rvn. t wrkd fr JFK nd t wrkd fr Rnld Rgn.

Blog Moderator: "Much better! Now this message that I disagree with is virtually impossible to read and I can argue that I didn't censor this post!"
by lubertdas December 17, 2009
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