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A dirtydiva, as opposed to a cleandiva, is a person who claims to be a female yet lacks any proof. Generally this is done to reap the rewards of testosterone laden men with no outlet for their sexual drive. Commonly wears tanktops and short shorts "like everyone else of course" or a sports bra. Other common traits include: microphone being eaten by dad, propensity for money, referring to themselves as a loot whore, and cocker-spaniels. Lastly, dirtydivas tend to be basketball playing cheerleaders who date basketball team captains and run car washes which result in nice tans :). None of this can be verified though, so chances are it's a 34 year old man. Have a seat. What are you doing here? What kind of person brings condoms to a 12 year olds house? So you think it's funny? I'd like executioner, please.
From Dirtydiva: Can I have executioner enchant please?
To Dirtydiva: If a skeeza asks me to feed her with my visa then I'm gonna leave her
From Dirtydiva: I'm dating jay
by Fauxy Alysa February 24, 2008
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