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A Variation of the move the "Dirty Sanchez" (see Dirty Sanchez). Instead of wiping a finger covered in shit over under ones nose to mimic a moustache, and entire beard is made.
She liked the dirty sanchez, however the Dirty Lumberjack was far more effective.
by MONEYHOUSE December 05, 2006
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Although many may think it is a variation of the dirty sanchez, the dirty lumberjack is far from it.

In this move you will have your mate shave off your pubic hairs and you will hold them in your hand. You will then jerk off onto his/her face, throw on the curlies and wait for it to become dry and sticky like syrup on the table after 2 days.

He/She will then look like they have spent some time in the woods being a lumberjack and would have grown a beard.

Little does anyone know that they got the beard quicker, sexier, and of course..MORE DIRTY.

ALSO CHECK OUT THE Crabby Lumberjack

--quite a twist.
Quick! Fred, give me a dirty lumberjack so the police will not recognize me.
by [willy] OHHHH BEEEE October 21, 2008
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