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named in honor of the great Kareem Abdul Jabbar, this is one of the trickiest cumshots known to man. similar to the dirty ray allen, the male must perform an anal massacre on the female until which point he is about to cum. at this point, he must lay her flat on her back and procede to shoot his hot load in a sidewayz manner from a standing profiled position. in essence a "sky hook shot" is resembled, and when performed correctly the baby gravy should find itself glued to the femalez face. most effective when performed after a long period of abstinence. bonus points are rewarded for any dirty jabbar performed with a shot over top of one's shoulder...
"this bitch was hurtin for a squirtin, so i took it to her hole and finished her off wit a beatiful Dirty Jabbar..."
by KevinCA$H August 04, 2006
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