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Dino Run is a online race game where you play as a dinosaur (most likely a raptor) and race against other people's dinosaurs.

But the most popular thing about Dino Run is their chat.

There is a chat on the multiplayer. Like most chats it has the mods who abuse their power and are the "losers" to your average player and the "BFFs" to the cool-kids.

After the mods you have the cool-kids, who never get banned or booted. They either want to be a mod or are applying to become one. Some are buddy-buddy to the mods when the mods are around, and then proceed to insult them behind their backs.

After the cool-kids you have your average-joe. They diss mods, diss cool-kids, and are only friendly with other average people.

The spammers come next. The come to the chat solely to spam.

And after the spammers you have your hardcore gamer. They barely chat, and when they do it's to say: "Want to race?" They're practically invisible and are usually ignored.

The RPers are the most lowly. They are the filth of Dino Run, and all RPers are stuffed into BoneDocks.

The highest known are the hackers. People like "ily" hack and spam, but others hack and help. (ie. spambot was created by a hacker.)
Dino123: I hate my god damn mom.
Mod: No swearing.
Dino123: sorry about that.
Mod: Do that again and you will be booted.
Dino123: sorry.
-20 minutes later Dino123 has left and come back-
Dino123: Hey my biotches! :)
Mod has booted Dino123 for Being a fucking curser.

Mod: Hey Cool-kid!
Cool-kid: Hey Mod! c:
-Mod goes into a race-
Cool-kid: Damn, Mod sucks ass!

Dude11: i'm so bored.
Mod: Me too.
Dude12: i'm really bored too.
Dude11: who wants to race?
Mod: I do!
Dude11: how about you, dude12?
Dude12: sure
Mod: May I join you?
-Dude11 and Dude12 ignore Mod-

Mod has booted Uirjd for Spamming.

Game123: Anyone wanna race?

WolfDesu: -kills WolfKiba-
WolfKiba: -rols ovr nd bits wolfdesu on nek kilin tem in uh singul baite-

ily: HACK durhur.

Loser: Let's go play dino run!
Loser 2: Okay!
by LoveHateWarPeace♥ July 29, 2010
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everything said in the previous definition, but with a multiplayer feature that is a bit more complex and much more fun. Multiplayer is ridiculously easy to make a profile for, you need only an original username. The multiplayer version has 3 tabbed servers, the most popular being stoneyville. The other servers are dinocentral; which is essentially an overflow for stoney, and Bonedocks; which is infested with those who have been banished there by the mods and hacks for excessively roleplaying, ie: wolves. This multiplayer version allows players to create and name races, and run them with up to 3 other participants. Points are earned for completing races, in amounts corresponding to the place you earned in said race. You usually earn around 5-10 points per race. New courses, colours, and hats are earned by leveling up. The levels of players range from 1-10. Within the chat ive met people ages 8-30, but in general, players are around 14yrs old. The busiest time in chat is probably around 4:00pm pacific time. The Australians and europeans tend to come on around 8pm pacific time. Within chat there are players from around the world. You can add players in the chat to your friend list, or blocklist(which makes their posts invisable to you). You can also private message other players. In the entire chat there are about 20 users with moderating capabilites, bestowed upon them by the pixeljam admins. You never know when they'll be on or who they are unless they say. These players can warn and boot others, thus regulating the chat. General chat rules: keep it pg13, dont spam, and dont be offensive. Some mods are more lenient than others. There is also a filter in the chat, swapping out naughty words like 'fuck, shit, piss, cunt, bitch, dick, pussy, whore' etc.. for dino-themed words like 'bonk, dirt, oil, hole, ditch, dactyl, eggnest, and hardosaurus.' There are a small number of players (not to be named here) that are neargods within the chat(by way of superior hacking and programming knowledge). These players are capable of invisablity(not being on the list), booting, banning, seeing and recording ips, changing scores, and creating bots among other things. Some notable bots created by these players are: !ilu, !push, !pull, !boom, !8ball, and Borgy. to make the bots react, a user only needs type the trigger, examples: !pull and bot RR (russian roullete) will speak saying your name and wether you died or not. the odds are 1/5. if you do die, it says BOOM! and logs you out of chat. !push triggers piano, which will then speak saying 'piano: *falls on 'randomchatmember'*. !boom is suicide. !ilu causes a stream of giant pink hearts to flood the chat, saying "'yournamehere' wuvs you c:!!!" Borgy is the most complicated bot, posing as an unbootable player, he is a learning chatbot. He posts strung together portions of chat he's observed based on what players say and keywords. A couple other simple but ingenious bots are !chuck, which gives a random chuck norris joke; !snakes, to which samuel l jackson replies 'not on this plane'; and !madness, to which a spartan replies 'THIS. IS. DINORUN!!" The bots are only active when their respective creators are online or leave them running. The game also has a forum for users to discuss, make suggestions, and give collective opinions. The multiplayer version of dinorun is only unenjoyable if you suck or are a chatroom/social fail. dinorunFTW
tim: "omigod sally, have you played dino run?"
sally: "yeh fool! that shits weaksauce after like 5min."
tim: "nah skronk, you gotta try the multiplayer!"
sally: "why? you wanna get pwned on salty flats? :P
tim: "pfft yehfershureLOL. nah but fer realzies, make a login cause chats hellafun too. my name is timmysaurus."
sally: ":/ okei. LULz, how original."
by thizzley June 09, 2009
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A game created by PixelJam that can be addictive for some, and can only entertain others for a few minutes, who get bored of how repetitive the basic game is.

Some people get into the game and don't stop until they get all the hidden super eggs, milestones, and unlock all the hidden speed run levels and other unlockables. They never realize you have to actually pay real money for the brontosaurus egg, but they try anyway.

The interface is pixelated. One may recall playing games this pixelated back in the late 80s on their DOS prompt

The objective of the game is to play as a velociraptor and run away from the wave of doom, which is the apocalypse of dinosaurs, possibly a cloud of smoke and destruction in a shock wave caused by a meteorite. If done properly, you end up in an underground sanctuary completely closed off from the world with nothing to eat in it. No wonder the Velociraptor went extinct.

You can also play online, and after the race, you have the urge to type a text bubble that says "LOL UR NUB I KICKED UR ASS" but you can't, because there is no chat. Dinosaurs don't talk. They just jump on each others back.
"I was playing Dino Run today. I felt like opening my DOS-prompt and playing DOOM afterward..."

"My dinosaur in Dino Run is dressed like Megaman!"
by KyuPoP August 01, 2008
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