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A vehicle that a dindu had "borrowed" and now drives.
The more advanced the dindumobile, the more a dindu nuffin has to increase its skill in order to operate such vehicle. Sometimes this is a huge deterrent since dindus naturally have an average IQ of 65.
Last week, Tyrone "received" his new dindumobile - a shiny new bike! Now it's muddy and almost broken, but that's okay with Tyrone because there are many bikes in this world and he is just one dindu nuffin.
I recently went to the cops to report my old Honda Civic was stolen. When the cops arrived at the dindu's house it said "SHIEEEEETTTTT I DINDU NUFFIN DIS MUH DINDUMOBILE WE WUZ KANGZ U RASIS WHITE COP CRACKAH I DINDU IT". Fortunately the dindu wasn't in my Honda Civic when he said that, otherwise my car would've been full of bullet holes.
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