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1. When an adversary attempts to delete any and all proof that you exist from the internets.

2. Any move that includes the pressing of the delete button in order to snuff out an opponent.

3. An act of Digital Spring Cleaning, or the recreation of Strong Bad email #20.
U.S. Representative Todd Akin's staffers, members of Steaming Warm Turdgate, performed a weak sauce move by a cowardly digital assassination attempt on primary opponent Mark Lodes. The attempt was mitigated because the Steaming Warm Turdgate members were shortsighted, and didn't realize the sheer magnitude of effort required to complete the task, and instead fell far short of total digital assassination, removing only mention of Mr. Lodes from the Todd Akin Wikipedia page. The Steaming Warm Turdgate members had failed to hack into Mark's websites, other news agencies and radio/tv stations which had reported on his candidacy, and so the conspiracy to sweep the competition under the digital rug failed almost entirely.
by King of Leon September 15, 2011
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