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digimagic is a word that describes how software transforms a photo from a digital camera into a piece of art. Simply, it is pixel manipulation.

There are no negative or positive connotations associated with the word digimagic, however, because art and beauty are very subjective, a sentence using digimagic can convey a positive or negative meaning.
I think Jim did some digimagic on the photo he is showing everyone. His fish is twice a big as it was last week when he caught it down at the lake.

--Woman: Hi, can you take a picture of my daughter holding a rose and make it black and white except for the rose.
--Photographer: Yes, and if you like, I can change the rose from red to yellow.
--Woman: Really?
--Photographer: Sure thing, it's just a couple of clicks here and there plus a little digimagic inside the computer to make it happen.

Wow, he looks better in the photo than in real life. You really performed some digimagic removing the pimples on that boy's face.
by drp5 March 16, 2008
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