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A man with sexual motives or a man "thinking with his dick"
Wheres Matt tonight?

Ohh hes with his girlfriend.

...Such a "dickthinker"

by Wayne-OH January 30, 2011
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Someone that thinks about dick.
Trevor: You gotta think like a girl
Colton: So you think about dick?
Trevor: Nooo you gotta think about what a girl really wants
Johnny: Sooo... Dick. *laughs really hard to the point of crying*
Johnny: So you're a dick thinker!

by JohnnyBackground January 09, 2008
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One who thinks soley with his penis.
Girl 1: Hey, Steve is totally hot, you should ask him out.

Girl 2: He is hot, but a total dick thinker. I'd never be able to trust him.
by Aphrodite1972 January 12, 2012
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