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When all other positive or negative attributes of a man fall to the wayside on account of him having either a big dick or being really good in bed.
"He's kind of a lame but I can't help it, I'm dickstruck."
by THAT_GIRL1 October 24, 2011
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Like struck with a lightening bolt. The second that you have sex with a guy, you are instantly addicted to sex with that guy. You can't stop thinking about having sex with him.

Struck with an intensity of sex.

Struck so hard, that you get frustrated if you don't have sex with him in a while.

You can't keep your mind of sex with him. And without that sex with him, you'll die.
Today I had mind-blowing sex with this guy and I think I'm dick-struck.
by Siren BS October 17, 2011
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