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1. The action of crafting a story --- or, a retelling of a story --- to the full advantage (or sway) of the person creating the story. Typically, that same person cherry-picks events from the past and creates their own version --- usually full of lies, fabrication, or a completely different story that sounds slightly like the original story.

2. A dick who makes up stories to make himself look good, prove a point, or get someone to believe his fucked up-version of the story itself.
Colleen: Yeah, I just had a meeting with HR and my boss. I got a formal warning.
Sandra: Oh, no!
Colleen: Yeah ---- he cherry-picked from emails that I had written in the past and made up his own version of the truth…this really proves what a dick he is..
Sandra: So, you mean Bob dick-crafted his version of the truth?
Colleen: Yes, exactly!
by Cnlefae May 15, 2017
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