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a man who sits on chatroulette or omegle totally naked so when you connect to them, all you see is them jacking off. or they just ask you to show your boobs, and when you say no they disconnect.
"hey, do you wanna go on chatroulette with me?"

"noo..i'm over that. i hate the dick whippers!"
by jmoneeeeeeyzz. May 07, 2010
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(1) A man that has a upper hand with a woman in a relationship because he has a dick that is worth more then his mind can offer.
(2) A man that is well endowed, and uses it correctly without having to be instructed via vocal commands.
(3) A no brainer guy thats only good for intense sex.
I know he is a "Dick Whipper", but I can't pass him up because he feels good!
by lamoismynamo March 17, 2011
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noun _dick whipper(s)
A male who engages in many sexual activity with many different people in a short amount of time.

A male who engages in sexual activity with a large number of people, occasionally simultaneously.

it refers to a guy always whipping out his penis to have sexual activity with other people.
Glen Quagmire from family guy is a dick whipper.

You shouldn't date him, i hear he a dick whipper.

dude your such a dick whipper!! how could you sleep with my girlfriend?!
by Alex Mascari February 06, 2011
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