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1. A guy being an often overly blatant, annoying, aggressive, belligerent, and/or rude human being based on some level in masculine dominance or behavior or what may be seen by some as such. They range in styles from stealthiness/backstabbing to in your face, the physically challenging to verbally or emotionally challenging, etc. They come in many flavors, but what they have in common is being contemptible or undesirable pieces of shit that deserve a punch in the balls. Also known as an ass, asshole, jackass, prick, dick, jagoff, jackoff, dipshit, shit for brains, and sometimes chauvanist.

2. A guy who likes the attention and the admiration of women, using his sex appeal to get the attention of women, which often being that most men have their brains down there, acts as a metaphorical compass for the best piece of pie they can get.

Essentially men in fighting with one another are subtly competing to see who has the bigger dick or in the latter, using their eyes and it to what a lot of them really want.

I partially derived this from the late and great stand-up genius known as George Carlin who said something along the lines to the effect of "War is just a bunch of men standing around in a battlefield waving their pricks around!"
1. Man, I don't give a shit about that damn dick waver in the UFC show on Spike TV thinking he's so damn special! I'm turning this shit off!

2. Look at the dick waver thinking he's something! Just configuring his phallic guide to the next woman!
by Jack694 December 05, 2009
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Someone who has to 1up others to no end, usually because of an insecurity.

These people enjoy being stereotypists, elitists, and are complete douchbags.
"You think Cannibal Corpse is a good death metal band? They're so mainstream, your a fag. Try listening to some Decapitated!"

"I've gotten more pussy than you!"

"You're not normal, fuck you!"

^^^ Dickwaver scumfucks.
by Mr. Fuck You All April 03, 2011
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