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When Your belly hang out farther than your dick do.
Bitch cant even give him head he has dick doo.
by Richard Cranium March 08, 2003
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If your belly sticks out farther than your penis does then you have a dickdoo
if your belly sticks our farther than your dick do
by dmessxpress June 19, 2003
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If your stomach is so big that when you look straight down you can't see your own penis, you have a dickdoo.
Look at that fatty, that's a dickdoo if I've ever seen one.
by King Rage February 26, 2006
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a stupid person, someone who does something so stupid you just have to call them a dickdoo.
"You are so stupid, you're acting like a dickdoo"
"What's a dickdoo?"
by Rocky. L November 14, 2007
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A dickdoo is when a man's stomach comes down past his dick...
Girl he so nasty and he got a dickdoo..... what's a dickdoo?? It's when you stomach lay lower then yo dick do!
by Olive Branch214 March 04, 2018
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