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World reknown for his gumbiness, actics include walking into a wall, falling down a flight of stairs, shaving his legs (see also: kiran), putting on mascara (has super-duper extra long eyelashes anyway), follows a bi-weekly exfoliate/cleanse/tone cycle, unknowningly wearing womens clothing, leading people to believe he had acquired erection problems at only 18 and believed a motorway extention cost 60,000 billion dollars. Has a fondness for Ford motor cars (POS), Nike, Rap music, Nandos and strange women (no details can provided at this time).

The word 'dhiru' is often used as a verb or adjective for public display of 'gumby' actions.

If a person does something incredibly stupid that normal words cannot express it is said:

"He pulled a dhiru"
"Man i didnt just fuck up, i pulled a dhiru"
"Holy sweet vigin mother of jesus, dude you did a dhiru"
"Crap, i dhirued it up man"
"Dude, you're dhirued"
"Man im such a fucking dhiru"
"Well, it could be worse, it could have been a dhiru"
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
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