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A person who attempts to gain or attain anything from another by means of swindling, deceipt or dishonesty, without regard for the targeted individual and lacking in the ability to predict consequences for those actions. Sometimes there is an undercurrent of malice, but more often than not, the deziluhoo is socially unaware. A grifter.
The swindle can be for an object such as a cell phone, perfume, clothing or merely attempting to acquire gifts in general or the swindle can be on an emotional level such as gaining attention, sympathy, admiration for a bogus talent (claiming a piece of art as their own), accomplishment (bragging that one came in 1st place in a particular division when there was no competition), illness (claiming to have a serious illness when none exists), crisis (use your imagination - possibilities are unlimited!).

Dee had enjoyed months of free babysitting, housecleaning, meals, flowers and gifts at the expense of concerned neighbors. When it was revealed that she never had a brain tumor and never received treatment, her neighbors realized they had a deziluhoo in their midst.
by NeverLetThemSeeYouSweat November 14, 2006
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