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A Deyse is a girl that hates it when she is texting someone and they reply back with "I guess" and or "okay", she usually is very sweet and kind but when you do something that she doesn't like, she will get angry and turn from a sweet girl to Satan ._. She is also the jealous type, and does not like it when people stare at her sexy alpha male. Although her boyfriend calls her beautiful and compliments her even on all of her insecurities (like her hair) she doesn't think so of herself. She is the type of girl to make any guy fall quickly for her just based off of her personality alone, she is trust worthy, kind, smart, and beautiful but with all of these amazing features there is one really bad one... She will tear your balls off if you get her mad :( oh and she is a sexy child :) and I swear to god URBAN DICTIONARY if you do not fucking publish this shit I will shove my gf's burnt chicken up your asses -.-
Deyse = best girlfriend

Idk how to use it in a sentence...
by Sexy Alpha Male Mero April 09, 2017
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