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1. Main Entry: Dev•on•esque

2. Pronunciation: d v n-ĕsk’

3. Adjective: 1. Shy at times. Not knowing anyone at the new school, Barbra stood off to the side shyly.2. Outgoing. The new girl made new friends on her first day of school due to her outgoing personality .3. Friendly. Seeing a person sitting alone, Frank went up to him with a friendly smile to say hello. 4. Caring. Knowing her friend was upset, Carol cared enough to be at her friends side all day and all night. 5. Sarcastic. She is known for her witty remarks retorted under her breath.

4. Etymology: from the English language, derived from the city in England noted for its beautiful land.

5. Synonyms: ambitious, caring, courageous, determined, humorous, loving, outgoing, trustworthy, sarcastic, shy, and vibrant.

6. Antonyms: Absurd, cold, formidable, hateful, intense, mystical, quiet, senseless.

The way you move and the way you act is very devonesque
by Devon1991 March 02, 2009
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