Ginat cuck. Definitely not a memer, particularly not a dank one.
Man, that meme wasn't even a little bit funny, Devin Brown.
by thegoog July 16, 2017
When you're becoming intimate with a girl after Taco Bell and she has to shit. But both of you are too lazy to move before you get freaky. She straddles your stomach as if she just conquered a mountain like a yeti. Before you know it, you hear the flap of cheeks with the release of your girls butt chocolates onto your stomach. She sits down on you in her own shit and it squishes out through her pubes making them brown.

You become the REAL Scat Man
Person 1: Man, did you hear what happened to Zach?
Person 2: No bro what happened?
Person 1: He took his girl out for dinner and she gave him a Devin Rusk Brown Yeti.
Person 2: No way dude, poor guy.
by WhenTheChurchBurnedDown December 29, 2021