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adj. that describes individuals who are unable to recognize excellent design. Design blindness is a disorder that surpasses mere difference in taste and is typically coupled with a stubborn insistence on pursuing their own unpopular designs.

The bane of designers everywhere, design blind individuals produce efforts that are fraught with clashing colors, outdated layouts, poor lighting, complete disregard for Feng Shui, gross lack of balance, and copious examples of poor font, fabric, and furniture choices that result in generally-recognized eyesores.
I might be tone deaf, but at least I'm not design blind.

Did you see that horrendous website? Whoever made that atrocity is clearly design blind.

Your client isn't unappreciative; she's just design blind.

I want to gouge my eyes out after looking at the work of that design blind scribble monkey.

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by wanderlustjunkie June 14, 2018
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