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origination in the term 'desi'- a colloquial descriptive of a person from india, the desh, the motherland,

desication/desification refers to the progressive acquisition of indian cultural traits by non-indians and especially white people.
this indianising of an individual or a culture is exemplified when a person becomes adept at eating with their hands (and intensifies when they can eat rice with their hands), when their spice tolerance levels reach impressive levels (impressive even to desis), when they know and can recount the names of various dishes and the different spice combinations in each and finally concretises when a movie scene with dancing in the rain invokes the use of the fast forward button.
"joans desication/desification is almost complete. she knows how to eat rice with her hands and she can eat spicy food now"
by evolvepast8 January 25, 2010
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