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El mejor negro despues de Drake y Kendrick Lamar. He is the bestest friend ever, he will do anything for his friends and loved ones. Often plays the role of psychologists for his friends. Is a very wise guy. Has a heart so pure it hurts, and that has caused him so mich heartbreak but he wont give up. When he loves a girl he does it with so much passion it burns. his girlfriend is must be very lucky. Loves kingdom hearts, drake, xxxtentation, liluzivert, his mom, his huki, his paolif, his crush, his kari and his gabo 🖤 and of course fortnite (will hide in the bushes to talk to you while he plays)
Girl 1: have you seen derek hernández?
Girl 2: he’s playing fortnite with paola
by Nanyiskindalame June 28, 2018
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