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they like power and control and if you let them run the show they will.they are comparable to the Greek gods themselves they are mischievous and devious at times.mysterious beautiful people inside and out. out going spontaneous and and is an awesome friend when you need one. they will always be real with you and never betray your trust . great kissers and awesome love makers. they are party animals and are down for whatever they will always have your back in any situation.there sweet and nice and cute and funny .though some times they don't know when they joke is over there still hilarious. they have good taste and music and fall in love super easy.they hold grudges be careful what you say or do to them because your mistake could cost you a good when you get a hold of one them don't let them go there like a diamond in a box full of coal or a pure white eagle in coop full of black crows.
wow your such a deprii,omg your so a deprii right now,i love it when your a deprii,
by meee #1 January 07, 2012
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