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A self made alcoholic beverage containing 50% whiskey and 50% coke* or energy drink*. This alcoholic culinarity is very popular amongst European (Dutch to be specific) teenagers. The main purpose is to get drunk very rapidly and, as a consequence, have a good time with friends.

The drink has its origin in the nightlife in Lloret de Mar, Spain and since then has spread all across Europe.

Every brand of whiskey is suitable as long as it contains 40% alcohol.

*Adding coke/energy drink isn't necessary but it makes it easier to consume large amounts of booze.
If you add just a little more whiskey it's a dennisje

Go easy on the coke, you need the room in your glass for your whiskey to create a dennisje

Dude, I took 6 dennisjes last night, I was soo drunk!

That guy ain't wearing his shirt anymore, must have had a couple dennisjes!
by thashirtbeforetheshirt February 14, 2011
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A name for an alcoholic beverage that was originated in LLoret de Mar, Spain. It basically means: A longdrink glass filled with 50% whiskey and 50% coke/energy drink. Many Dutch teenagers are familiar with this alcoholic culinarity.

The inventor is Dennis Neven, explaining the name "Dennisje".
After a minimum consumption of three glasses one is supposed to be drunk.
Dude is was so drunk last night, i drank at least six dennisjes.

Can you fill me up on the whiskey, i'm gonna take a dennisje.
by Shirtbeforetheshirt February 09, 2011
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