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any word you want it to be as long as the person your talking to fully understands the situation your talking about
"Man that girl had a great denio" (great ass)
"Hey pass me the denio for the xbox" (controller)
"go to the fridge and get me a denio" (drink)
"do you have a denio hook up" (alcohol hook up)
by whatisdenio August 14, 2009
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This is when someone gives an illness, namely explosive diahrea. This person (1) will deny any knowledge of ever having the disease, (2) reject the idea that he or she could have even given it to you and (3) laugh in your face after you tell that person you now have expolsive diahrea.
Guy 1: You hear Suzzie had expolsive diahrea?

Guy 2: I've been hooking up with her for two weeks. I even told her earlier I had expolsive diahrea and didn't want her to get it. She never even mentioned it. She just laughed at me when I told her I had to code red it to the shitter.

Guy 1: Yeah, she probably pulled a Denio. That's some cold blooded shit.
by Spops July 29, 2014
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